Jonny Porkpie

The Burlesque Mayor of NYC

Jonny Porkpie: The Burlesque Mayor of New York City, frequent candidate for "actual" mayor of NYC, creator of Pinchbottom Burlesque, the "Best Burlesque" in NY (New York Magazine, The Village Voice) which produced the Off-Broadway shows "The Pinch Brothers in The Bawdy House" as part of MarxFest in May 2014, and "Pretençión: un cirque de burlesque, un burlesque de cirque" in 2013. A Pastor at the Church of Titillation, he is also the creator of Dead Sexy and international bump and grind gameshow Grab My Junk, author of The Corpse Wore Pasties, burlesque performer, teacher, and host, and all-around fool.

Boylesque Class at NYSB

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Press Clippings

New York's "Best Naked Impresario"

"Porkpie owns the evening with the unfaltering wit of his rapid-fire banter."

"Impresario, fiction writer, comedian, bottom-pincher and good-natured bon vivant."

On "The Corpse Wore Pasties": "Much of the fun lies in Porkpie's witty and telling observations of life in the raunchy burlesque world, and the tone is more playful than pornographic despite plentiful references to sexual activity. Readers will enjoy the twists and action and hope for future Porkpie investigations."

"Most Innovative" 2006 (co-winner)

"Full of double entendres, rattling them off as smoothly as an adept playa runs game."

Jonny Porkpie in Competitive Burlesque

Teaser for The Pinch Brothers in The Bawdy House


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